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2018. május


A Kistérség bemutatása

Somogy county in the south-southwest part of the Pannon Barcsi sub-region, with a total of 26 municipalities encompassing the Drava river valley located in the provincial areas of 11%.

The geographical location in the region South fortunate Pannonia, as the region's two major dynamically developing cities - Kaposvár and Pécs - are all close. Somogy Hills in the south of the region, next to the river Drava, traditionally agricultural area. The relative low environmental impact and relative isolation stemming from border-Favor protection of natural values, preserves. A small area of the landscape and the image of the river Drava running along the forest which is part of the Danube-Drava National Park and the Somogy Hills determined. The Mediterranean climate impacts created as a result of unique flora and fauna conservation areas in the Hungarian TV elevates the region (a protected species in the area of Hungary, about one third) of the spatial structure characterized by a strong orientation Mortar, Barcs - as the only city - almost half the population is concentrated, and that other areas of the economy are more occurring. A further 25 municipalities, only four more than the population of 1000 people (Babócsa, Csokonyavisonta, Darány, St. George Sand), typically in small villages structure. The works of 26 local government areas. The settlements comprise a separate administrative unit 8, the other six settlements belong to the administration of district notary. Area location, historical roots, the city's status follows Mortar central function. Dynamic development in accordance with this central function.Mortar and Area Enterprise Zone status has since 1998 and since 2000 Industrial Park. The region's dominant economic and social fabric of the border region - a small region located on the Croatian-Hungarian border - and the fact that the mortar 6, the main road endpoint of Hungary, operates in barcsi international border. This is an advantage for the region as it immediately turns on the country's main transport network. Mortar and surrounding areas with significant natural charm tummy. The Drava Hungary is one of the most pristine areas, which is determined by the Drava River. Wildlife is the highest degree of protection.In order to boost tourism as a first step in Barcs built in 2000, the harbor, which provides an opportunity for the Drava River cruises. The Drava backwaters are popular with anglers paradise. The fast-flowing river is open to the beach, waiting for those who wish to swim, but there are opportunities for hiking kayaking and canoeing as well. 2006 was handed over to the Barcs Thermal Spa and Recreation Center, which also serves to promote tourism, thermal and thermal baths built in the immediate vicinity of the city (Csokonyavisonta, parents, Babócsa) together. Mortar and healing water of Csokonyavisonta, specialist care, and hotels with a large number of well-equipped hunters guest houses are available.  
In recent years, the largest development in the subregion reached the field of public works. Thanks to the wastewater delegate effect passed in 2003 Barcs and 17 associate towns full of sewage. The recently implemented further significant developments and investments: 6 and 68 main roads bypass and cross-sections of discharge; Drava harbor and promenade; 88 pieces of public rental housing construction; Border Crossing, Cargo Terminals (Customs and Excise Investment), Serves Transformer Station (E.ON Hungária Rt.'s Investment of £ 2 billion), Barcs Recreational Thermal Center as a complex service, performance of the sub-region, the development of tourist attractiveness.  

Basic data 
• Number of locations: 26 pcs 
• Number of inhabitants: 26 375 persons 
• Association name: Barcsi Multipurpose Small Association Association 
• Otto Karvalics  
Tel: 82 / 462-459 
• Address: 7570 Barcs, Bajcsy-Zs. u. 46th

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